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Town Rhodes: The beautiful city of Rhodes is the capital of the island of Rhodes and the capital of the Dodecanese group of islands and prefecture. It is divided into two parts: the Old City, or medieval, and the New City.

The Old City is surrounded by strong walls and is one of the biggest and best preserved medieval settlements of Europe. This           fortified medieval city is full of buildings testifying about the past and the history of the island, from the antiquity, the Byzantine times, the middle Ages to the Turkish rule.

The superb Palace of the Grand Masters, the building of the Collachium, the superb hospital of the Knights, the beautiful inns that were used by the Knights, and the Gothic churches, along with the narrow stone-paved alleyways, the stone arches and apses, the Palace of the Castellan, the various mosque, the plethora of Byzantine churches and the traditional Rhodian houses and the mansions influenced by Venetian and Arab architecture form a magical and unique image.

This scenery attracts and charms the many visitors that come every year to Rhodes, taking them into a medieval age blended with other times and atmospheres. Among all those architectural marvels, some palm trees and exquisite fountains are adding even more beauty and originality to this amazing Old City of Rhodes.

The New City of Rhodes was constructed when the inhabitants living inside the walls of the Old City built new settlements outside the walls, after the siege of Suleiman the Magnificent (1522).

Most of the buildings in this part of the city date from the Italian rule, which adorned the buildings according to the neo-Gothic and Venetian architectural style. This has created a particular and charming character to the city, particularly in the area of the port of Rhodes.

Careful planning, numerous parks and squares and wide streets complete the beautiful aspect of the New City of Rhodes where all the touristy, commercial and cultural activities are gathered.

The many luxurious hotels of the town have been designed with a modern aesthetic, matching with the impressive Italian buildings. Of particularly great beauty is the building of the New Market which is standing on the port of Rhodes, and impresses everyone by its fine architecture, its gold decoration and its round domes, full of cafes, shops and restaurants.

The Governor’s Palace is also worth-seeing, combining Byzantine, medieval and Spanish architectural styles. A casino, a National Theatre and a traditional Dance Theatre are participating to the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Rhodes and to its fame as a city full of entertainment and life.

The City of Rhodes provides all kinds of accommodations of all categories, numerous bars, cafes, restaurants, taverns, clubs, cinemas and more. It is has a great reputation for its shopping with luxurious shops providing the famous perfumes, drinks and umbrellas of the City of Rhodes.