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This is a fast food choice, where you get a stick of Souvlaki, some Gyro meat, a beef patty, a sliced pitta bread, french fries, tzatziki, tomatoes and onions. All the ingredients are usually fresh, and thats why they taste quite good, without sauces or taste additives... This will cost under 10 euros but it will satisfy your hunger, quickly... You will find it at the Souvlaki places which have tables to seat. Beef Patties (Beftekia) A favourite meat dish, usually complemented by french fries or mashed potatoes, or even pasta. Contains beef minced meat, bread, milk or water to soak the bread, olive oil tomatoes, garlic, parsley, eggs, oregano, salt, pepper. Variations include a mixture of different types of minced meat, from pork to lamb, or the addition of cheese filling. Found in most of the restaurants.